Community Wi-Fi 360 Access Use

Terms and Conditions of Community Wi-Fi 360 Access Use

Updated January 2020

1. Midcontinent Communications® (Midco®) provides access for wireless internet access in your unit and/or may provide Guest wireless internet access in certain areas on the property where your unit is located. If you are using a Guest wireless internet access, that is an open, unsecured wireless network. It is strongly recommended that you do not use the Guest wireless internet access to transmit personal, financial or legal data. It is not possible for Midco to protect you against malicious theft or interception of such data transmitted over any wireless internet network.

2. Midco will not assume responsibility for the safety of equipment or for harm done to laptop/PDA configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless internet service. Virus and security protection is the responsibility of the wireless user.

3. The laptop/PDA owner is responsible for setting up their equipment to access any Midco wireless internet network. Midco is not responsible for any changes you make to your computer’s settings and cannot guarantee your hardware will work with our wireless connection. Midco does not provide technical assistance with wireless access and will not under any circumstances make changes to the configuration of a privately-owned device.

4. The portal used by the customer to access the wireless internet is managed by a third-party vendor. That vendor may have additional terms and conditions or legal notices regarding the product and its associated products and services.

5. By using the Midco free wireless network, the wireless user agrees:

a. to abide by the Midco’s Acceptable Use Policy which can be found at; and

b. to release, indemnify, and hold harmless, Midco, its officers and employees, and any affiliates, from any damage that may result from use of this wireless access or use of the portal created and managed by the third-party vendor.

Use of the wireless internet means I acknowledge all of the above and that I am subject to, and agree to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of the city, county and state in which I am using the wireless internet service, and any rules and regulations of the United States Federal Government that are applicable to internet use.