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Due Date & Processing

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Due Date & Processing

Your monthly statement includes charges for the next month of service (except ON Demand, pay-per-view and toll calls, which are billed after they occur).

  • Your payment due date depends on when you began and installed services with Midco.
  • We are not able to extend your payment due date, and due dates are the same for all payment methods.
  • Although My Account allows you to make partial payments, your full balance is due on the specified due date.
  • We encourage you to submit your payment with enough time, so it arrives and processes before your due date. If you don’t pay your bill on time, you could be charged a late fee or experience an interruption in service.
  • If your financial institution declines your payment to Midco, we may assess you a non-sufficient funds charge.

For further details on our billing and payment policies, review the Annual Notice.

Scheduling Payments

One-time payments can only be scheduled for a future date within My Account.

For online auto pay and one-time payments, you can schedule your payment to begin processing up to 10 days in advance of your due date. You can't schedule payments after your bill due date.

Processing & Withdrawals

Your payment date is the date you submit your payment – and it’s when payment processing begins. Depending on the method you used to pay, your payment posting date may vary.

  • Online and automated phone system: Bill processing could take up to two business days.
  • By speaking to a Midco agent on the phone: The payment is processed immediately.
  • By mail or dropbox: The payment processes within five to seven business days.

Your payment may be withdrawn from your account after your payment date. Payments scheduled for a holiday may be withdrawn on the business day after the holiday.

Confirm Payment Status

After you’ve initiated a payment, you’ll receive a confirmation. This confirmation takes place in various ways:

  • Phone: You’ll receive a confirmation number.
  • Mail: No confirmation is available if you’ve sent in your payment by mail.
  • My Account online and app: You’ll receive an on-screen message.

If you’re opted in to electronic billing and statement notices from Midco, you’ll also receive an email and/or text when you have a new statement and when your online payment has processed. You can also check your payment status anytime online in My Account or the My Account App.

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Under Billing, select Make a Payment and then Credit/Debit.
  3. Click the Payments tab. You’ll see your payment status, which could be any of the following:
    • Scheduled: Payment scheduled for a future date
    • Processing: Payment process started
    • Pending: Payment submitted for processing
    • Authorized: Funds validated as available from the payment account
    • Approved: Payment approved with funds
    • Rejected: Payment rejected
    • Cancelled: Customer cancelled payment
    • Aborted: Payment cancelled by the system
    • Returned: Payment returned by financial institution due to an issue such as non-sufficient funds

Cancelling Payments

  • You can cancel a payment as long as it’s payment status is scheduled or pending. After it moves into pending status, the payment cannot be reversed.
  • If you have an automatic payment that is in scheduled, pending or processing status, you will not be able to delete a bank or credit/debit account without first cancelling the payment. Note that cancellation not possible if payment is processing.  
  • If you delete a bank or credit/debit account that you were using to pay your Midco bill, you also must delete any auto pay that was set up prior to deleting the account. Be sure to make other arrangements to pay your current bill.
  • Keep in mind that failure to pay your bill by your due date could result in late fees or service interruption.