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Construction Process

What to Expect with Construction

Every project is different, but we’ve laid out the main steps we take to get you from basic to all the incredibleness that comes with Midco.

After we’ve identified a location, our crews hit the ground running. They’ll walk around the area, gathering information and making note of the perfect places to install our pedestals. These are above-ground pieces of equipment that allow us to tap into our main fiber line and bring it closer to your home.

We aim to complete surveying six months to a year before construction begins.

Once we know where we’re going, we start marking the area for construction. We will work with the local municipality to install our service lines on public and private utility easements. If needed, we may reach out to property owners for additional easements. Read more about the easement process.

Our team will be out and about putting down flags as reference markers. Midco or our contractor will call 811 for your address to notify all utility companies serving your area. Learn more about underground utilities.

These flags and paint markers are essential and legally required to keep all utility infrastructure intact and working – as well as keeping our crews safe and construction on schedule. 

After marking the area, we will start construction within 14 days. We’ll be doing a little digging to install our fiber lines and the above-ground pedestals.

During this phase, we try to disturb the area as little as possible. Whatever we’ve done, we try to restore it to as close to preconstruction as we can.

Now that the new fiber is installed, we make sure everything is ready to go. Our engineering team will arrive to splice the lines and test the connections. Don’t be surprised if you see them working in tents or even a trailer.

Next, we bring the connection right to your door. We’ll run service lines from those previously installed pedestals and mount a small box on the outside of your home or building.

Last is home installation. A Midco tech will make a visit to set up your in-home equipment – and make sure you know how to use it.

See all that a tech visit entails and how to make the most out of the appointment.

After that, you are all set to enjoy your new Midco services!