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Unwanted Callers

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It’s a question we have all asked ourselves: how do I receive fewer calls from telephone solicitors? We’ve pulled together a few resources to help you reduce the number of calls you receive from telemarketers.

Call Blocking & Screening

If you have Midco phone service, anonymous call rejection allows you to reject calls from numbers that are blocked, private or anonymous. You can also select specific numbers to block using the selective call rejection feature.

Midco also uses a robust robocalling solution that uses a combination of advanced analytics, overwriting of a caller ID name and STIR/SHAKEN technology to evaluate inbound/outbound calls – and compare data with other phone carriers. While the robocall mitigation technologies cannot stop all spam calls entirely, it can help you avoid bad calls and only answer good ones. You will see “Potential Spam” on your caller ID when a suspected robocall is coming in.

When to contact Midco:

  • If a spam caller consistently contacts you and your caller ID isn’t labeling it as spam
  • If a friendly caller is appearing as potential spam on your caller ID and/or is being automatically blocked

Do Not Call Registry

Receive fewer telemarketing calls by registering your home and cell phone number with national and state Do Not Call listings. Learn where to sign up for the Do Not Call registry.

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