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When enabled, Midco Wi-Fi protects your network by preventing access to malicious websites that can harm the devices on your network, without impacting the performance of your browsing experience.

Adblocking, Online Protection, Advanced IoT protection and any custom Approve/Block lists can only be configured on a location, person, or device level. Content Access (parental control) settings can be configured on people and/or devices.

Location level: Applies to all devices connected to the network. Can be set by opening the App settings tab, selecting the Guard button and adjusting the All devices settings.

People level: Applies to all devices assigned to a person. To set, select the People icon on the navigation bar. Click the three dots beside the user’s name and choose Person profile to set content access limits.

Device level: Applies only to the single device if unassigned. If the device is assigned to a person, the Content Access rules are applied to the person. To set, select the People icon on the navigation bar, and choose the Device page. Select the specific device. Under the Events section, select the icon on the top right to set content access limits.

Priority is given to the most specific settings for a device. For example, if Online Protection is disabled on a location level and enabled for a device, the setting is turned on for the device.

Online Protection

Enabled at the network, person or device level, online protection blocks devices from accessing known, malicious websites.

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Advanced IoT™ Protection (AIP)

Advanced IoT™ Protection quarantines smart home devices when we detect unusual behavior. AIP can only be enabled at the network level.

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Adblocker makes your web experience more enjoyable by blocking known advertising servers.

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