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SenseTM uses Midco Wi-Fi pods and the Wi-Fi connected devices in your home to detect motion. It is a smart motion detection system that also informs you when family members or guests arrive or leave.

How does Sense work?

Sense detects the disturbances in Wi-Fi signals between your pods or between a pod and a motion detection-capable device. These signal disturbances are translated into motion events, which you can use to keep yourself aware of activity in your home.

To properly enable push notifications for motion alerts and when people arrive and leave your home, you need to create profiles for people and assign each of them a primary device. To make it easier to localize motion detection, you should also assign devices to rooms.

Why Sense is Useful

  • Receive notifications when your children get home from school.
  • Get notified when a family member leaves for/returns from work.
  • Receive alerts if there’s unexpected motion in the home while you’re away (such as a break-in).

Sense Features

  • Live View: Take a look inside your network to see where the motion is currently happening.
  • Motion Alerts: Receive push notifications when motion takes place, based on when people are at home.
  • Motion History: Look back 24 hours or 7 days to the history of motion in your home.
  • Personalization: Customize Sense settings to fit you, your family and your home, including motion sensitivity, pet mode, Motion Alert frequency, and where motion detection is tracked in your home.

People at Home

People at Home uses each person’s primary device’s network connection to determine if they are at home.

Turn on people at home

Motion Detection

Adjust how sensitive your Midco Wi-Fi app is to moving devices and bodies.

Motion settings