Broadband Nutrition Labels

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The federal government created the Broadband Nutrition Label program to give you a clear and concise way to view internet package details.

This program requires Midco, as well as all other internet providers, to offer standardized information about each of our internet options. These labels are designed to make it easy to find specific details, compare speeds and better understand all aspects of your available internet packages. 

See the internet options and labels for your area

Think of these labels like the ones on the back of food packaging. They are here to help you make informed choices about your purchases. 

Some of the information you’ll find on these labels includes: 

  • Monthly Price: The base monthly cost
  • Additional Charges & Terms: Details on fees, taxes and other charges 
  • Contract Requirements: Any stipulations or commitments 
  • Affordable Connectivity Program: Provider’s participation in the government program 
  • Speeds Provided with Plan: The typical upload and download speeds 
  • Latency: Information on network responsiveness 
  • Data Allowances: Limits on data usage (Midco never limits data usage.) 
  • Customer Support: Policies and customer support information

 Midco Consumer Label

If you're a Midco customer, you can view labels in My Account. Select Services, then Internet to see the label for your current speed. Select Upgrade to view labels for all speeds available at your address. 

If you're not a Midco customer yet, contact us to see the labels for the speeds available to you. 

The typical download and upload speeds for each package will be on each label. These are measured in megabits per second (Mbps). 

Download speeds measure how quickly information can travel from the internet to your device.  

Upload speeds measure how quickly information can travel from your device back to the internet.  

The speeds listed are the typical speeds you can achieve, and there could be a number of reasons why they don’t match, including your device and if you’re connected with a wired or wireless connection. 

Use our support resources for additional information and troubleshooting suggestions. You can also contact us for additional assistance. 

We collect speed test measurements from network processes and equipment across our network.  

Latency measures the responsiveness of your internet connection in milliseconds. The lower the number, the quicker your internet connection is responding to your requests, such as clicking on a link or streaming a video. 

Some providers charge by how much data you use every month. Midco doesn’t. We have no data caps or limits. 

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