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Split Payments

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Split Payments in My Account

Some customers receive multiple Midco statements that split their bills – oftentimes, so they can submit one statement to their employer for work-from-home reimbursement purposes. If you need split billing set up, contact us.

Note: If you have multiple statements, please pay them separately with Midco rather than in a single payment for multiple accounts and statements.

Auto Pay with Split Payments

If you choose to enroll in auto pay and you are a split billing customer, you cannot set up two separate auto pays for your statements. Your single auto pay will pay both statements. If you want to pay each of your statements with a different payment method, you must do so by making one-time payments.

See how to enroll in Midco auto pay

When you set up auto pay, your next billing statement (via mail or paperless billing) will display the following message on the return stub: Total Amount – Do Not Remit.