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One-Time Payment

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One-Time Payment

When you choose one-time payment, you’re making a single payment to your Midco statement rather than automatic, recurring payments. Be sure to schedule one-time payments ahead of your bill due date, because it takes up to two business days to process these payments. You can make a one-time payment using any of these methods:

  • Online in My Account: Refer to the instructions below.
  • Online without My Account: You can make a one-time payment without logging in to My Account.
  • Phone: Refer to the instructions on this page.
  • Mail: Send your check with your statement stub or name and account number to: Midco, PO Box 5010, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.

Note: If you experience issues trying to make a payment online, you may need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker, as it may be preventing the payment window from displaying.

To make a one-time payment online using your credit card: 

  1. Log in to My Account online or the My Account App.
    • My Account online: Select Billingor theMake a Payment button.
    • My Account App: On the Home screen, tap your current amount due. Then tap Pay Now.
  2. On the Statements page:
    • To view your statement, select the statement you want to view.
    • To pay your bill, check the box next to the statement(s) you want to pay, and select the Pay button.
  3. Review your payment details.
    • If you haven’t already added a payment method to your account, select Add New to edit your payment details. Then select Use New Payment Method.
    • If you want to change your payment method, payment amount or payment date, select Edit details. Edit the necessary information, and select Continue.
  4. Select the Pay button to complete your online payment.
  5. Success! You’ve made your payment. Choose Print to print your payment confirmation page, or select Continue.
  6. The next page gives you an easy way to set up auto pay, so you don’t have to log in every month to make a payment. If you set up auto pay, it will take effect on your next Midco statement.
    • Select Yes to set up auto pay using the same details as your last payment.
    • Select Edit details to modify your payment details.
    • Select No, Thanks if you don’t want to set up auto pay right now.

Your payment will post within two business days. If you’re opted in to billing and statement notifications, you’ll receive an email and/or text confirming when your online payment posts.

  1. Call 1.800.888.1300, and press 1 for your home account or 2 for a business account.
    • If prompted, enter the telephone number associated with your account.
  2. Press 2 when prompted to pay your bill or ask questions about your bill. 
  3. Enter the last four digits of the Social Security number that's on your account. 
  4. Press 2 when prompted to make a payment. 
  5. Enter your payment amount, including cents, followed by #.
  6. Our system will repeat the amount you entered. Press 1 if correct, or press 2 to re-enter the amount. 
  7. Select your payment option.
    • Press 1 for checking or savings.
    • Press 2 for debit or credit card. 
  8. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information
  9. Write down your confirmation number as the system plays it back for you.

Your payment will post within two business days. 

Important:  If you delete a payment account that is currently used for auto pay:

  • Your scheduled payments in progress will be processed unless you cancel them separately. If you wish to cancel these payments, do so before removing the payment method.
  • Your future recurring payments will be cancelled if you remove your card or bank account. You will need to re-enroll to continue with auto pay. 

To manage or remove a payment method from your My Account:

  1. Log in to My Account online or the My Account App.
    • My Account online: Under Billing, select Make a Payment.
    • My Account App: On the Home screen, tap your current amount due. Then tap Pay Now.
  2. Choose Wallet from the main menu.
  3. Select the payment account you want to manage.
    • If you want to delete your payment method, select the red X on the specific payment account.
  4. Edit your payment details, and choose Save.
    • To delete your payment method, select Remove Payment Method.