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Directory Listings

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Directory Listings

Your directory listing specifies how your home phone information will publish in printed and online phone directories. It also helps with assisted phone calling and more. Midco provides phone contact information to directories for assisted calling and more. If you don’t want your full listing published, here are the other options:

  • Listed without address lists your name and telephone number, but does not publish your address. Name and telephone number can be found in phonebooks and 411.
  • Non-published service ensures your number is not listed in the phone book or available for 411 information. Plus, your caller ID is automatically blocked on all outgoing calls.1
  • Non-listed service keeps your phone number from being listed in the phone book, but it will be available from 411 information.1

You can check your current listing status or make changes by calling us at 1.800.888.1300. Some changes can also be made in My Account.

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1 Additional charges apply for non-listed and non-published service.