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Are you on the move? How exciting! We’ll help you stay connected from point A to point B. Let us know at least two weeks before your scheduled move date.


Important: If the current occupant at your address has active Midco services, we must receive a disconnect request from them before we can finalize your move details.

Can I get Midco?

Start your Midco journey! Just type and select your address below, so we can check it with thousands of serviceable spots in our database.

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Moving Checklist

Contact Us

Tell us when and where. We’ll let you know if you can self-install or if a technician is needed.

Pack It Up

Unplug and pack up all your Midco equipment, cords and remotes. Remove any batteries.


Install on your own at the new place, or let a technician take care of it for you.

Pro or self-install?

Midco offers both self-install and professional installation for moves. Availability varies by address and the services you’re activating at your new place. A Midco representative will tell your exact options, but here are some general guidelines.

Professional Installation

  • Your new place has never had active Midco services.
  • Your new place has had Midco services, but you’re moving TiVo, phone services or Midco Freestyle Wi-Fi.
  • You want help.



  • You want to install on your own time. (Don’t worry. We provide easy how-to steps!)
  • Your new place has had Midco services in the past – and you aren’t using TiVo, phone services or Midco Freestyle Wi-Fi.


FAQ: What to Expect When You Move

We recommend that you contact our sales team at least two weeks before your move. We don’t recommend moving and then calling us to switch services to your new address. It’s important to know:

  • If the current occupant at your address has active Midco services, we must receive a disconnect request from them before we can finalize your move details.
  • Lead time varies based on whether your address qualifies for self-installation or if a professional technician needs to install services (plus appointment availability).
  • Your account balance must be up to date to move your Midco services. Check your balance anytime in My Account.


Yes. If you have a current Midco promotion and don’t change services, there won’t be any changes to your offer and end date. If you change services, your promotional eligibility may vary. All offers vary by area and service availability.

  • Your bill timing and due date remain the same when you move.
  • We’ll assign you a new Midco account number since they’re tied to addresses.
  • Your first bill after your move will likely include prorations (partial month’s billing) for each address. Note that Midco bills a month in advance.
  • Any balances carried forward will show on your bill as “Balance from previous account.”
  • We’ll keep any payment methods and auto pay you have set up with Midco – and automatically transfer them to your new account number and address. To ensure your payment accounts with Midco transfer properly, we recommend not changing them one week before and after your services move. If you have bill pay set up via your financial institution, you’ll want to update your account number there.

Keeping your current services? Pack it up with your cords and/or remotes – and take it with you for self-install or professional install at your new place.

No longer using a service after your move? It’s important to return unused, leased equipment and accessories so you don’t experience unreturned equipment fees. (Leased equipment belongs to Midco.)

  • If you have a pro install scheduled, make sure to give the old equipment to the field technician, who will take care of everything for you.
  • If you’re self-installing, return old equipment to Midco at one of our CXC locations – or contact us to request a prepaid return shipping label to send via UPS.

There’s no fee to move your Midco services. A professional installation charge does apply if you need a technician to help or if a pro install is required.

We recommend disconnecting service at your old address before installing service at the new place. This is largely because customers don’t have two sets of equipment (modems, TV boxes, etc.) to use service at both locations.

Settling in After Moving

My internet isn’t connecting, or it’s spotty.

Troubleshoot services

My remote isn't working.

Cable TV remotes

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I can’t find TV channels for my new area.

Channel lineups

I have billing questions.

Account & billing support

Vacation Planning

Plan to be away from home more than 30 days but fewer than six months? You can suspend your service(s) and save time and money. The vacation plan is great for college students moving home for the summer, snowbirds heading south, professionals moving to another city temporarily and more!

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1 TiVo® DVR customers are not eligible for self-installation. If you have TiVo services, a Midco technician will need to install your services at your new home.