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Josh Brooks Puts His Dream to Work

From watching his brother play hockey as a kid, to his days helping his high school and college football teams, Josh Brooks knew he wanted to work close to the action – and he wanted to work at Midco Sports Network®.

Success Through Augie Access

The Mitchell, SD, native got his foot in the door while attending Augustana University in Sioux Falls. As part of the Augie Access program, which helps students with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve academic and occupational excellence, Brooks was required to complete an internship.

“It was absolutely Josh’s idea...100%,” said Jessica Lamb. “For as long as I can remember, Josh has had the dream that he wanted to work at Midco Sports Network. So I just went out on a limb, and his last internship, I made a phone call.”

Scoring at an Internship

Brooks’ first major project during his internship was cataloguing game video – a necessary, but never-ending task in the world of broadcast sports – and one at which he excels. Meticulously logging sports highlights combines his lifelong love of athletic competition with his interest in computers and technology. Josh loves the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Jackrabbits, so it’s no surprise those were the first games he dove into during his internship.

A Dream Job Comes True

During his short time as an intern, Josh was able to catalog nearly 35 full basketball games, showing his passion and dedication to the task at hand – and it’s an effort that he’ll continue. After graduating from Augustana in May 2018, Brooks accepted a permanent part-time position at MidcoSN®. He calls it his “dream job,” but Brooks earned it through a lot of hard work and dedication.

“Trailblazing is something that we’re passionate about here at Midco®,” added Mark Powell, Vice President of MidcoSN. “Josh does that by walking to work every day, getting his job done, and working hard to do the best that he can.”

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