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Lighting the Way in Lawrence

Midco employee Vivian Sanders at the Lawrence, Kansas Customer Experience Center

Vivian Sanders is the Retail Manager at Midco’s Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Lawrence, KS. Those who know Sanders describe her as "kind, genuine, honest and empathetic" – qualities that make her a favorite among customers and coworkers alike.

"She really does care about her customers," said Sales Strategist Debra Schmidt, a longtime coworker. "She knows things about their families. She knows things about their events – and she remembers them. So, when they come in the second time, she’ll ask about them and that customer leaves with a really good impression that they have a friend with Vivian and a friend with Midco."

Leading by Example

Sanders sets a good example for her team by building genuine relationships with her customers – especially senior citizens. Recently, an older gentleman fell and injured himself outside the CXC. Sanders went to the hospital and waited several hours while he was being treated. When he was released, she bought him dinner and drove him back to his car at the CXC.  

She befriended another elderly customer with no family, and regularly brings him his bill. When she hadn't heard from him for a couple months, she found out that he'd been in the hospital and visited him. When he had to move due to mobility issues, she brought him a housewarming gift and resumed her visits.  

Making a Difference

Sanders' good works in the community extend far beyond her work with Midco. In addition to being a devoted mother and grandmother, she's very involved with her church, and as president of the Lawrence River City Cosmopolitan Club, she's a passionate advocate for diabetes research and awareness.

"I have firsthand knowledge of how diabetes affects a person's life," said Sanders. "Diabetes runs in my family. But overall, diabetes is a silent disease that a lot of people are unaware of – and it's not only something that affects our older generation."

For the past seven years, Sanders has spearheaded the LRCCC bowl-a-thon, which raises money to send children with diabetes to camp. At this camp, the counselors are medical professionals and older kids with diabetes who teach them to manage their disease more independently. The camp also serves as a rare break for the parents, who can feel confident that their children are surrounded by people who understand their medical needs.

Leaders like Sanders make Midco a great place to work – and they make our communities better places to live. Learn more about her, and other remarkable Midco neighbors at

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