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Common Internet and TV Support Questions (with Answers)


How do I pay my bill? Why is my internet so slow? Can I move my services to my new address?

If these are questions you have or have had, you’re not alone. Our team of customer care experts has heard it all. We’re always here to help answer your questions – and provide resources to help. But, if you’re not into calling support lines (or simply can’t hop on the phone), there are multiple ways to get answers, digitally.

How do I pay my Midco bill?

First, thank you for your business. It means a lot to us. Second, you can pay your bill online using My Account, your personal Midco login. View statements, pay your bills, manage your services – it’s all secure and here for you.

Don’t have a My Account? Create one today.

One-Time Payments

Help! I forgot to send in my payment and my bill is due – can I just pay online this one time? Yes, you can. Midco has one-time payment options available on My Account.

Auto Pay

Stop forgotten payments in their tracks – or just stop worrying about scheduling monthly payments – with auto pay. Your payment will be automatically paid from the same bank or credit/debit card account each month, on the date of your choosing (up to 10 days before your due date).

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Why is my internet slow?

There are many answers to the “slow internet” question! Internet networking is complex, trust us, and it’s not simply moving data from point A to point B – there are many small points in between.

Networking schematics aside, you can help improve your connection on your own.

  • First, feel free to use our internet speed test to see where it’s clocking in. Remember, wireless devices won’t perform as well as wired devices – and restarting your device can also help.
  • Reboot your modem, fixed wireless router or fiber internet equipment. If you have a wireless router, reboot that after your other equipment comes back online.
  • Make sure your equipment is up to date. Keep your operating system updated, and check that your equipment and wireless router (if you have one) are up to date. 
  • Check out these internet speed tips to get the best speeds in your home.

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Is there an outage near me?

Did your internet or TV signal drop out unexpectedly – and you’re sure it’s not due to equipment issues? (See above.) Before you pick up the phone, you can also determine if it's due to a Midco service outage using our live outage checker.

Between Midco’s Network Operations Center and our geographic information system, we can pinpoint outages down to the exact node – or network distribution point – and find out which homes or businesses are affected.

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How do I program my TV remote? 

It depends! We have a few different TV service offerings and with that, we have several types of remote controls. But thankfully, we have programming instructions for most remotes available on our online support. 

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Can I install my own equipment?

Yes! Mostly. Use our Midco self-install library – complete with pictures and videos – and follow guided step-by-step instructions to install Midco Internet, Midco Cable TV or MidcoTV equipment.

However, if you live in a newly constructed house or apartment, or if your address has never had Midco services before, we need to first install the necessary wiring. Chat with us first if you think this might be you – or we can tell you when you order your equipment.

Don’t worry – we’re always here if things don’t go quite as planned. We believe in you!

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Note: Do you have other Midco services? Self-installation isn’t available. Contact us, and we’ll work with you directly.

“I was nervous to know I had to do it myself, but the instructions were so clear! It only took minutes to do!”

- Amber from Fargo, ND


I’m moving. Can I transfer my Midco services?

Yay, you’re moving! How exciting!

While you might be surrounded by a lot of newness right now, Midco can likely move with you – especially if you’re just moving across town. Better yet, many customers can take their current Midco equipment with them and self-install at the new destination, minimizing downtime – and newness. Just be sure to chat us at least two weeks in advance before you move!

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Support, without making a single call.

If you’re still looking for answers, but aren’t ready or able to call, we have many ways to reach out – digitally!