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Top 5 Internet Safety Tips


These days, people use their home internet connections to work and go to school, which makes internet safety more important than ever.    

Cyber security might seem overwhelming, but a few simple online safety tips can help you and your family surf the web worry-free.    

1. Strong password. Strong protection.   

It’s one of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself. A secure password for your email, social media accounts and Wi-Fi helps keep your info safe and harder for hackers to crack.   

  • Make it unique.  
  • Use letters, numbers and special characters.  
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts. 

Weak Passwords 

  • football 
  • cardinals 
  • beach 

Strong Passwords 

  • 87&F00tB@ll 
  • $R3dC2rd1n2ls* 
  • #0c32nW@v3s^ 

When was the last time you updated your password? Make a more secure password for your Midco My Account.  

2. Beware of unexpected attachments.    

Opening an email attachment of unknown origins is a fast way to accidentally download a virus to your device. If it’s not from a company you trust or a person you know, send it to the delete folder! It could be an online scam.  Also, be wary of suspicious emails that look like they’re from someone you know. Double check the address to see if it matches exactly to the one you have on file. If it doesn’t match, delete it. 

3. Add an extra layer of protection.   

Purchasing anti-virus software is a great way to add another level of cyber security to your computer. There are many high-quality products out there to fit any budget. Check with your local tech retailer who can give you recommendations based on your specific needs.    

At Midco, we’re also doing our part to keep your info and devices safe. All Midco internet customers receive automatic protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks – meaning you have protection within a matter of seconds after an attack is detected.   

4. Keep your personal info personal.   

Do not give out your personal info to anyone over email – even Midco. Most companies will not send an email asking for your account number or credit card info. If you receive an email that seems questionable or too good to be true, put your detective hat on.    

  • Open a new browser window and find the company’s website.  
  • Locate their contact information.  

Call and ask them to verify the contents of the email. If you receive a suspicious email from Midco, don’t click on any links. Reach out independently and chat with one of our local representatives about your concerns.

5. Monitor your wireless network.   

Make sure you know who is using your home wireless network with the Midco Wi-Fi App. The Midco Wi-Fi App allows you to check which devices are using your Wi-Fi signal, pause access to your network and block certain devices from connecting.   

  • Tap My Devices.
  • Select which device you would like to manage. 
  • Block, pause or resume access to your  network.

See other ways to keep your Wi-Fi secure.  

Still have questions about cyber security?

Check out more internet safety tips from Midco. 

Happy surfing!