More Options for Your TV

Whether you want to keep it simple with a digital adapter, or go all out with a whole-home recording experience, we have what you need to take control of your entertainment.1 

Digital Receivers and Adapters

Sure, Midco offers the DVR and the TiVo® DVR for cable TV viewing, but there are other cable TV equipment options. Check them out here.

HD Digital Receiver

HD Digital Receiver

Use the HD digital receiver to access all digitally delivered channels, including HD programming, digital music channels, ON Demand and even pay-per-view (PPV).1

HD Digital Adapter

HD Digital Adapter

Get premium HD channels, digital music and a simple on-screen guide, plus all the channels on the Preferred or Basic Cable packages – depending on which package you choose.1


Cable Card

Have a digital TV and want to keep that streamlined look? Midco CableCARDs are credit-card-sized plug-ins you can use to watch digital and HD channels without other equipment.1

Do It Yourself

Did you know that with a lot of Midco equipment, you can easily install and activate it yourself without a visit from one of our technicians?

You don't have to be a techie. We provide simple, step-by-step directions to help. 

Order Equipment

Services may not be available in all areas, and some restrictions apply. Visit Midco.com/Shop to check serviceability, or contact us at Midco.com/Contact
To receive HD movie channels, your account must have one piece of advanced digital equipment (TiVo DVR, HD digital receiver, digital receiver or CableCARD). 
2 Minimum of Midco Internet 50 and cable TV are required for TiVo DVR services. A monthly $4 TiVo service fee applies. TiVo® Mini and TiVo® Stream may be needed to access whole home and on-the-go features.
3 Midco DVR is only available in select markets.