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Midco Wi-Fi is way more whoa-fi.

Midco Wi-Fi, powered by Plume HomePass®.

No need to pinch yourself – you’re not dreaming. Corner-to-corner, controllable and customizable Wi-Fi is here in real life.

Midco Wi-Fi is smart whole-home wireless connectivity that optimizes your home’s unique internet usage while giving you as much control as you want. Take your internet up a notch – available for both new and existing Midco internet users.1


Shiny. Cool. Features.

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Take control today.

Midco Wi-Fi is rolling out in new locations all the time. If you’re curious about whether you can get Midco Wi-Fi, try adding it during checkout on any Midco internet purchase!

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Smart, adaptable Wi-Fi.

Your devices update automatically, so why shouldn’t your Wi-Fi? Unlock a smart-home-like experience with continual optimization based on usage, home layout and neighborhood activity.

Guard your network.

From thermostats to appliances, TVs to gaming consoles – all types of devices can open the door to cyber threats. Midco Wi-Fi brings you additional security with whole-home visibility and control.

Intuitive activity tracking.

Keep an eye on your home and your connection with Midco Wi-Fi pods. Always know which devices are connected to your network.

Keep your family in the safe zone.

We give you the power from the palm of your hand. See, optimize and control your network using the Midco Wi-Fi app, available for both Android and iOS users. Manage Wi-Fi schedules and block inappropriate sites – all from your app.

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Midco Wi-Fi FAQ

Midco Wi-Fi is an add-on to your Midco internet service and is compatible with most speed packages.3

If you’re a current Midco internet customer, you may not need any additional equipment to experience the benefits of Midco Wi-Fi. Just contact us to sign up for Midco Wi-Fi, then download the Midco Wi-Fi app and go! If you are new to Midco or your equipment is not compatible, you will receive one Midco Wi-Fi pod, an Ethernet cord and access to the Midco Wi-Fi app, in addition to your standard Midco internet equipment.

Yes! Midco Wi-Fi can be added to your current Midco internet package.

Contact our team to get Midco Wi-Fi added

Depending on your current equipment, you may not need any pods. If you do require pods, you may need between one and four. We recommend placing pods about 15-20 feet apart.

Midco Wi-Fi Pods Square Footage Bedrooms Levels
1 < 1,500 ft. 0-2 1
2 1,500-2,500 ft. 3-4 2-3
3 2,500-3,500 ft 5-6 3 - 4
4 - 5  3,500+ 4,500 ft 6+ 4+
5 - 6 4,500+ ft 6+ 4+

Midco Wi-Fi includes one pod, but you can add more for a small monthly fee per pod to meet the needs of your space. If you’re unsure about how many pods you need, contact us.

Note: Midco Wi-Fi Pod recommendations based on square footage are provided as general guidance. The build materials, layout and obstructions within a residence will ultimately determine the number of pods required for optimal Wi-Fi coverage and performance.

Yes! The installation process depends on a few factors, like your address, if you currently have Midco services and if you are installing additional services. You’ll also need a smartphone with an active cellular data plan. We’ve worked to make the process simple for everyone, but if you need a little help, we’re just a call or click away. We can also send out a professional technician to help install your services.

Midco Wi-Fi was developed in partnership with Plume®, a nationally recognized whole-home Wi-Fi provider. Plume’s trademarked HomePass app powers the premium Midco Wi-Fi user experience.

5 Ways Wi-Fi Should Work for You

Your internet should work for you, not against you. Continuous optimization with built-in security isn’t too much to ask for with today’s wireless network technology – and it’s all made possible with Midco Wi-Fi. Learn more

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1 Midco Wi-Fi self-installation is not available at all addresses and may depend on other Midco services.

2 Midco W-Fi self-installation is not available in all areas.

3 Midco Wi-Fi is not compatible with Midco Fiber Internet 5 Gig.