Welcome to Midco!

We are pleased to announce that effective April 1, InvisiMax fixed wireless internet is now Midco® Fixed Wireless Internet.

  • Fixed wireless internet is an exciting, innovative technology that aligns with Midco’s goal to bring fast, reliable internet service to more rural communities.
  • New customers can expect the same great service from the same friendly folks, except now, your service will be backed by the reliability and speed of the Midco Network.
  • You can also expect network and technology enhancements in the future. We believe in providing strong, reliable connectivity to you and other customers in rural areas. We’ll be making fixed wireless network investments in 2019 and beyond.

At this time, we’re not planning to bring any additional Midco services to your area.

Let’s Get Started

You should have received a welcome letter in the mail in early March. This letter included information about service names, pricing adjustments and more. We also sent a separate mailing with your PIN, which will be necessary to set up your My Account profile.

If you did not receive these communications, contact us or call us at 1.800.888.1300.

Your First Statement & Service Pricing

Your first paper Midco statement should have arrived in your mailbox around April 1. Your new bill due date will be the 21st of each month.1 Just like InvisiMax billing, Midco bills for service for the upcoming month. If you currently use other Midco services, your fixed wireless services will show up on your regular Midco bill, rather than a separate bill from Midco or InvisiMax. Your April Midco statement may show some prorated charges.

Important: Your first statement reflects updated service names and pricing for fixed wireless and other services you may have. (If you signed up for fixed wireless service after February 1, you will not see any changes in service names or pricing.)

Bill Pay & My Account

Your first statement will arrive as a paper statement, even if you’re signed up for e-statements with InvisiMax. You need to re-enroll in e-statements and automatic bill pay with Midco.

If you had an outstanding balance due with InvisiMax, that amount has transferred to Midco. The transferred balance and your next statement balance will both be due on your due date. If you set up automatic payments, the full amount will be deducted from the designated account.

Our online tool called My Account can help you manage bill pay, view statements, get important account notifications and more.

Action: We encourage you to:

  • Register for Midco My Account. You’ll need your account number and customer name noted in your welcome letter – plus your new Midco PIN.
  • You need to set up your bank account, debit card or credit card payment account for bill pay with Midco again, as this information won’t transfer from InvisiMax to Midco. You also need to re-enroll in automatic payments, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment each month.
    • Note: Midco accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.
    • Important: If you set up automatic bill pay before April 1, it will work for your April payment. If you enroll after April 1, it will take effect for your May statement.
  • Refer to the links in My Account to easily sign up for e-statements and other email notifications about your Midco services.

Register for My Account

My Account Setup

Watch this helpful tutorial for step-by-step instructions to get started with My Account, or watch on YouTube to go full screen.

My Account Overview

Check out what to expect after you register in your My Account online, or watch on YouTube to go full screen.


You get to keep your current InvisiMax email address. On April 1, we transferred all the contents of your email account to Midco. Any new email addresses will end in @Midco.net. With Midco, you get up to 10 email addresses with 5 GB of storage for each – plus email and spam virus protection.

Action: Starting April 1, you’ll want to:

  • Export your InvisiMax email contacts from your InvisiMax email account to your Midco email. Follow the instructions here
  • Log in to your email online at Mail.Midco.net with your current username and password.
  • Reset your email up on all your devices (such as your smartphone and computers if you don’t use web-based email).
    • While your InvisiMax email will continue to load, you must reset your email client to Midco on all devices to avoid receiving error messages.

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1 When you subscribed to Midco services, you agreed to pay us monthly for all charges due by the payment due date indicated at the top of your statement. Please allow for sufficient mailing time to ensure that your payment reaches us by the due date. Electronic payments may take up to three business days to process. A late fee of $10 will be assessed to accounts not paid in full each month by the due date.