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Midco Invests $35 Million in Next Gen Fiber


Company Launching Fiber Forward in Box Elder, Rapid City and Spearfish

August 21, 2023 – Rapid City, SD: Midco is leaping ahead with Fiber Forward, an investment that uses the company’s robust fiber network and next gen fiber tech to bring 10 Gig (10G) internet speeds to Box Elder, Rapid City and Spearfish.

“Fiber Forward is an investment in South Dakotans. This transformative fiber upgrade will benefit the many folks we serve,” said Midco COO Ben Dold. “It will provide fast symmetrical speeds, low latency, unmatched reliability and rock-solid security. Telehealth professionals, online learners, entrepreneurs, gamers and so many more will benefit from Fiber Forward.”

The five-year initiative includes extending the Midco network to serve more than 9,500 homes and businesses throughout the Black Hills and Rapid City. It also includes upgrading more than 20,000 homes and businesses in that same footprint. In total, the area will benefit from a future-proof $35 million investment.

“The future is bright in Rapid City. Midco’s $35 million investment for next-generation fiber positions Rapid City and the Black Hills area for even greater opportunities moving forward,” Rapid City Mayor Jason Salamun. “This is an exciting announcement, and we are grateful for all Midco does to be a force for good in our region.”

“We are excited to hear that Midco is extending their coverage and making their service faster to meet the needs of the future,” said Box Elder Mayor Larry Larson.

Given the topography of the Black Hills makes some areas more challenging to provide services, Midco has benefited from six grants totaling $5.6 million from the State of South Dakota. The grants along with Midco’s investment have helped connect more than 1,800 unserved or underserved homes and businesses.

“Expanding broadband access means more opportunities for economic growth, better access to telehealth services, opportunities to implement precision agriculture technologies, and so much more,” said U.S. Senator John Thune. “It’s great to see South Dakota broadband providers, like Midco, continue to invest in broadband expansion across the state.”

Midco is upgrading the entire town of Spearfish, utilizing its state-of-the-art network plant. Investments to Midco’s network backbone to increase redundancy and upgrade electronics are also being made.

“Spearfish businesses and residents are very grateful for Midco’s commitment to future upgrades of its network infrastructure,” said Spearfish Mayor John Senden. “As businesses’ needs for quality, fast and secure connections continue to grow, it is an important factor for our existing businesses and those looking to relocate to Western South Dakota. For individuals either working from home, taking online courses or just general personal use, it is important to have the most current technology available. Thank you Midco for your ongoing efforts to provide great service.”

Fiber Forward delivers fiber upgrades, enhanced product offerings and increased performance. The extensive upgrade is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The company’s Fiber Forward announcement leads up to the annual Midco Rushmore Bowl on Saturday, September 2 at O’Harra Memorial Stadium. The Midco Rushmore Bowl benefits more than 80 activities and events at Rapid City Central and Stevens High schools.

Midco strives to be a force for good in the communities it serves. The communications company is also a proud sponsor of Elevate Rapid City, Tee It Up for the Troops, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills, Fitzgerald Stadium and the Black Hills United Way.