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It happens at the worst times – video chats freezing during an important meeting, movies buffering just as the bad guy shows up, downloads stuck motionless when you're on a deadline. Yikes! We're bringing you faster-than-ever internet connections with Midco Internet, but did you know that you can help optimize your connection?

Let's get streaming with these quick tips.

Wireless Interference
  • Be aware of in-home interference from wireless devices (Wi-Fi enabled scales, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), metal objects and microwave ovens, and concrete or brick walls.1
  • Your neighbors' wireless network may be interfering with yours, especially if you live in an apartment. Reboot your wireless modem or router to try and pick up a different channel. (See Modem Troubleshooting.)


Modem Troubleshooting
  • Reboot: disconnect and reconnect power to your modem, router or any additional devices connected to your Wi-Fi, waiting a few seconds between disconnecting and reconnecting each device.
  • All Midco equipment is set on the "auto channel" at time of installation. During a reboot, this enables the modem to eliminate channels with the most wireless interference and set it to the best available channel at that time.


Internet Equipment
  • Elevate your modem in an open, central location in your home. 
  • Make sure your equipment is up-to-date and Midco compatible.
  • Regularly check all your cables for damage and ensure they have a tight connection.


Technology Updates
  • Clear your internet history and cookies often.
  • Restart your devices regularly.
  • Keep your operating system, software and apps up-to-date.



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1 Older devices on your network connection can create a "traffic jam" causing all other devices to run at the same slower speed. Some devices just cannot obtain the faster wireless speeds, so know your devices' limitations.