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Email Storage

With each Midco email address, you get up to 5 GB of storage, which includes all folders in your email account (including your junk, trash and sent folders).

  • When your inbox is close to reaching its storage capacity, we will notify you by sending a quota warning message to the affected email account.
  • When you reach your storage limit, you will be unable to receive any new messages until you free up storage space.
  • If you are near the storage limit and someone sends you a large email (such as one with a large document or image), you may not receive that email if its size would cause your account to exceed the storage limit. The sender will receive a message stating the message has not been delivered because your mailbox is full.

Note: If you wish to keep certain email messages, be sure to save them to your home computer by using the Save As option. You can also save these messages in a separate email software program, such as Mac Mail, Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Delete emails from your junk and trash folders. (Midco automatically deletes junk and trash items that are older than 30 days.)
  • Delete old emails you no longer need, including old promotional emails, newsletters, notifications and mailing list messages.
  • Save important emails to your computer. Look for emails with large attachments – such as photos – to see what’s taking up most of your storage.

Helpful hint: To ensure you don’t exceed the space limit and can receive new messages, make sure you save any incoming mail that includes a photo, video or other large file to your computer and delete the email from your account.

Midco directs all suspected spam email messages to the spam folder in your Midco email inbox. We'll also help you keep this folder clean by automatically deleting any emails when they've been in the folder for 30 days.

Please check your spam folder regularly, and move any emails you want to keep to your inbox or another folder. If you're expecting an email from a service or distribution list and you haven't received it yet, make sure to check your spam folder.

If you primarily use a PC-based email client (such as Outlook, Apple/Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.), these programs normally download and store email on your computer. However, you can set these mail programs to leave a copy of your messages on the mail server, if you wish. This allows you to still access messages through the Midco email browser page, a smartphone or other mobile device.

You can adjust your email account properties to free up space if you receive a quota warning from Midco. Check your preferred email program’s support section for detailed steps on how to set your email storage properties so messages do not build up on the server.

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