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Though there are minor visual differences between the iOS and Android versions, navigation and app format are the same.

Home Screen

Guard: Protect your network, devices and users from hackers and cybercrime. Manage security settings and content access limits. Receive alerts about security events. Stay ahead of threats with online protection, adblocking and more.

Adapt: Allows you to manage your entire connected network. View your latest speed test results or run a manual speed test. See your pod’s signal strength and which devices are linked to a specific pod on your network.

Control: Set network-wide internet freezes.

Sense: Turn your connected devices into Wi-Fi-powered motion sensors. See where motion is occurring across your home without using cameras. Set motion sensitivity, pet mode and notification preferences.

Personalize layout: Customize your Home screen layout for quicker access to your favorite features.

Navigation bar:

  • Home: See everything happening across your home network.
  • People: Get complete visibility of people and their devices on your network.
  • App settings: Easily and quickly manage settings, pods, support and account management.