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Advanced IoT Protection

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Advanced IoT™ protection studies device behavior.

With Midco Wi-Fi, the cloud knows which domains that your smart home devices are supposed to regularly access. If a supported device tries to access a previously unknown domain, it is immediately quarantined, and the user receives a notification.

While in quarantine, the device keeps internet connectivity but will be placed on the internet-only zone, so it cannot infect other local network devices.

When the device is blocked, the Midco Wi-Fi app will indicate that. Next to the device name, you’ll see a message that it’s been restricted to internet-only access.

Suspicious Activity Notifications

If there is a suspicious activity-blocked event, you probably received a push notification warning you that a smart home device went to a website which is considered unusual compared to its normal behavior.

There is no required action on your end other than enjoying the peace of mind that your network is protected.

To learn why something was blocked, tap the device to get details, including the URL in question.

  • A link in the description allows you to search the web for more information from the manufacturer.
  • You have the choice to remove the device from quarantine for an hour, so it can be tested.
  • The device can be unquarantined permanently, if the event is due to a recent firmware update or if a feature update on the device now requires access to a previously unknown domain.