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Online Protection

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Enabling the Online Protection feature will protect your devices from malware sites, botnets, spyware, spam, phishing, keyloggers, monitoring, proxy avoidance, anonymizer and other harmful attacks on your network.

Turn on Online Protection

By default, this feature is enabled on all devices, you can customize it by person or devices. When enabled for a person, Online Protection automatically activates for all the devices assigned to that person.

Online Protection is controlled at the Network level in the Guard menu, while device and person settings can be modified from within their respective detail screens.

What happens on a device when content is blocked?

  • HTTP sites: Users will see an on-screen device message stating, “Access to this website is blocked.”
  • HTTPS sites: Users will see an on-screen device message with the browser's default "can't be reached" message.

Online protection uses a constantly updating database of websites known to contain:

  • Malware and botnets
  • Phishing and fraud
  • Spyware and adware
  • Spam URLs
  • Keyloggers and monitoring
  • Proxy avoidance and anonymizers

Outbound IP Protection and Intrusion Prevention

In addition to protecting the network based on DNS lookups, Online Protection also includes another feature that protects devices on from connecting to harmful IP addresses. This feature blocks both incoming (Intrusion Protection) and outbound (Outbound Protection) device connections to known harmful IP addresses.

When Online Protection is on, Outbound IP Protection and Intrusion Prevention is automatically activated.