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Social Responsibility

A Community Partner 

Delivering services to homes and businesses is only part of who we are at Midco. We also value connecting with the communities we serve – and where our team members live and work – by contributing our resources where they really make a difference.

Part of giving back is supporting events and programs that benefit our communities. Midco sponsors many community events throughout our region. We also work with our network partners to bring some extra excitement to our communities with special events and appearances by TV characters such as Spongebob Squarepants or Dora the Explorer. Midco is proud to sponsor many organizations and venues across our footprint, including:

Public Service Announcements

Need a megaphone for your message? Midco is happy to air public service announcements (PSAs) on our cable channels at no cost for qualifying 501(c)3 nonprofits in our service area.

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Midco ACTS

Giving time and talent is an integral part of Midco culture. We encourage Midco team members to volunteer at local nonprofit organizations that they care about. Through our Midco ACTS program, team members can coordinate volunteer projects and encourage coworkers to participate. Some of our community projects include:


Building a successful workforce is pivotal to creating a vibrant community, which is why Midco proudly supports several educational platforms across the Midwest. Some of the initiatives that we support include:

Augie Access Program

Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD, invites young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Program designed to increase employment outcomes.

Build Dakota

Build Dakota Scholarships are awarded to skilled students entering high-need workforce programs at South Dakota technical institutes – helping students establish a foundation for their future, working to fill high-demand jobs in the area.

Midco Internships

Our interns push Midco to think bigger. They work as part of our team from day one, participating in everyday tasks, leading special projects and learning more about their chosen career path while gaining valuable experience through our internship programs.

Nonprofit Sponsorship Request

Interested in a sponsorship opportunity with Midco? We’re proud to offer financial support for qualifying nonprofit organizations across the Midwest.

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Midco Gives Back

Dating back to 1987, the Midco Foundation strives to inspire innovation, promote lifelong learning and provide financial support to individuals and families in the communities we serve. The Midco Foundation encourages nonprofit organizations to apply for grants that will assist with special projects, facility improvements, necessary equipment and innovative programming.

Midco Foundation

Midco Sports

Midco SportsTM is your home for local and regional sports – and the athletes that make them great. From our partnerships with NCAA Division I programs to sponsoring premier athletic events like the Howard Wood Relays, we root for the many athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers that make sports great.

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Sustainable Workplace

By using LED and motion sensor lights, recycling equipment and supplies, operating fuel-efficient generators and providing eco-friendly break room products, we are committed to lessening our environmental impact.


We make conscious efforts to equip ourselves and our customers with smart technology that reduces technology waste – including running high-efficiency, low-impact data centers.


Innovation is helping Midco become more socially responsible – from using more energy efficient equipment, logistics improvements to get more trucks off the road, and testing energy efficient power solutions for our team members in the field. 

Tell Us Your Story

Are you ready to tell us why your organization makes a difference in the community? Share your story by submitting a form below – We see a partnership in our future.

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