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A history of innovation.

Our company’s roots run deep, starting in the Midwest almost a century ago. From our days operating movie theaters (yes, you read that right) to our launch of the first TV station in South Dakota, we’ve always focused on the future and how we could improve the lives of our customers with the best product possible.

Take a look back at our history, how it shaped us and where we’re going next.

Fiber Forward



2021: Fiber Forward

In July of 2021, we announced Fiber Forward, our $500 million investment to expand our fiber network to 22,000 miles. Fiber Forward is all about bringing fiber-to-the-premises and improving upload speeds to more communities over the next decade.

2010: Cheering for Your Teams

We came on the air as Midco Sports Network, a channel dedicated to highlighting and celebrating local and regional sports teams. Now as Midco Sports, we produce award-winning stories and cover the biggest matchups in the Midwest.

2001: Midco offers high-speed internet services for businesses.

1998: Midco offers high-speed home internet through cable lines.

1991: Our Internet Era

We started following a new path, moving away from TV antennas toward the wave of the future – internet services. We invested in our high-capacity network that became the backbone of our company.

1982: Midco is the first company in South Dakota to offer quality, low-cost long-distance telephone service.



1969: Pierre, SD, becomes one of the first state capitals in the nation to have cable TV thanks to Midco

1953: Turning on TV 

The switch is flipped on the first TV station to go live in South Dakota. KELO broadcasted the local news before TVs were widespread in the state. To this day, KELO remains the leading station in the local market and one of the most watched CBS affiliates in the nation.

1952: When Radio Ruled

A big turning point for the company came with a purchase – and a name change. We became Midcontinent Media when we acquired a local radio station in Sioux Falls, SD.

1948: Midco pioneers drive-in movie theaters in the upper Midwest.

1931: The Start of Something Good

Our founders had an idea to do things differently from the beginning. They started the Welworth Theater Company in 1931, determined to provide customers with an experience that was “well worth” the price.

Making our way to the future.

Now that you’ve seen our history, check out the future of Midco. We’re pushing ourselves for our customers and our communities. Our Fiber Forward investment is bringing better connections to people across our footprint.

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