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Broadband Facts

  • Midco
  • {{label.package.description}}
  • Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

  • Monthly Price

    {{label.package.rate | currency}}

  • This monthly price is not an introductory rate.
  • This monthly price does not require a contract.

  • Additional Charges & Terms

  • Provider Monthly Fees

    • {{monthlyFee.description}}

      {{monthlyFee.rate | currency}}

  • One-time Fees at the Time of Purchase

    • {{monthlyFee.description}}

      {{monthlyFee.rate | currency}}

    • {{monthlyFee.description}}

      {{monthlyFee.rate | currency}}

  • Government Taxes

    Varies by Location

  • Discounts & Bundles

    • Click here to find available billing discounts and exclusive pricing options for broadband services in your area.

Discounts and Bundles

From time to time, Midco offers introductory pricing at a reduced rate for a specific period of time. Introductory offers can only be applied to first-time subscribers of Midco internet services. Contact us to determine eligibility.

There are no additional discounts or bundles currently available for this option.

Midco Basics is only available to customers who participate in a federal assistance program. You can learn more about currently available programs, eligibility and how to apply at

Offer Duration: {{offer.offerSteps[0].stepDuration}} months

With Checking/Savings Account Auto Pay and Paperless Billing: {{offer.discountedRate - 10 | currency}} per month

With Credit/Debit Auto Pay and Paperless Billing: {{offer.discountedRate - 5 | currency}} per month

Without Auto Pay or Paperless Billing: {{offer.discountedRate | currency}} per month

  • Speeds Provided with Plan

    • Typical Download Speed

      {{}} Mbps

    • Typical Upload Speed

      {{label.typicalSpeeds.upload}} Mbps

    • Typical Latency

      {{label.typicalSpeeds.latency}} ms

  • Data Included with Monthly Price

    Unlimited GB

    • Charges for Additional Data Usage


  • Learn more about the terms used on this label by visiting the Federal Communications Commision's Consumer Resource Center.
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