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Pod LED Light Guide

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All pods have LED lights that indicate the current status of the pod based on the blink pattern.

In addition to the blink pattern, pod LEDs can display different colors to help differentiate between patterns. Understanding when the different blink patterns are displayed helps identify when a pod is operating normally.

Boot Up

Solid Blue

Status: Pod startup in progress.

Pulsing Green

Status: Pod is attempting to find a network connection (during boot up).


Searching for a Connection

Pulsing White

Status: Pod is attempting to find a connection to the network.

Pulsing After Three Minutes

Status: Pod is attempting to find a connection to the cloud. Occurs when a pod loses cloud connection but has a connection to the internal network.


Normal Operation

Blinking Green


  • An optimization is in progress.


  • You’re renaming the pod in the Midco Wi-Fi app. Bluetooth locating is not required for this to occur. Pods not being renamed have the LED turned off. There is a 20-minute timeout once the LED has been triggered for renaming.

No Light


  • Under normal operation, network and cloud connections present.


  • Network under normal operation or cloud under planned outage. All cloud triggered LED states are turned off during planned outages.



If your pod fails for any reason, contact Midco for a replacement.

Rapidly Blinking Red

Status: There is an issue with the bootloader that prevents the pod from completing the boot up sequence.

No LED (Pod is Functioning)

Status: Pod is functioning normally, but LED does not come on for any trigger on known working outlet. This indicates the LED is no longer functional.

Delay Followed by Solid On

Status: Pod start-up is not instantaneous. This is caused by a manufacturing defect which can cause other issues.