Cable TV Troubleshooting | Midco Cable TV Support


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Troubleshoot Your Cable

Need help with your cable TV service? You’ve come to the right place. There’s a host of information throughout our cable TV support section on getting help for specific cable boxes and remotes– as you may have one or more in your home. This page includes some general troubleshooting tips, so you can get back to watching and enjoying your entertainment as soon as possible.

Reboot Cable Box

Having some trouble with your cable TV connection? The first thing you can do to reset your cable box – manually, through My Account or our app.

Already reboot your equipment and still having problems? Look up your address to see if there's a service interruption in your area. 


Having trouble with your remote? We have plenty of helpful resources to figure things out.

Video & Audio Issues

Can you see your TV picture, but can’t hear anything – or vice versa? Check out some solutions to common video and audio issues.

Error Codes

Are you seeing an error code display on your screen? Here’s a list that explains common codes.

See error definitions

TV Help

Sometimes you’ll need to reach out to your TV manufacturer for assistance. Check out our list of common manufacturers.