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Programming Renewals

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Programming Renewals

We want to bring you quality, affordable TV programming, but to do so – Midco pays TV networks, local TV stations and others each month so we can deliver that programming to you.

We acquire the right to transmit programming through negotiated contracts. When those contracts near an end, we evaluate the terms to ensure we’re bringing you the best entertainment at the best value. Sometimes, that means we have to make changes or discontinue carrying certain channels.

Upcoming Contract Renewals

Contracts for channels listed (including broadcast channels’ multicasts, if applicable) may expire in the months specified. We fully expect to reach agreements with the owners of these channels. If a situation changes, we’ll make updates here.


  • Bally Sports North
  • Bally Sports Kansas City

The business agreement between Bally Sports and Midco has expired. As a result, Bally Sports North and Bally Sports Kansas City are no longer available on Midco lineups. 

How do network fees work?

Midco pays TV networks, local TV stations and others to bring you their programming. Their fees vary based on content type, network popularity, demand for its content – and even talent salaries and sports league contracts. When a contract expires, we evaluate the content, the fees, network-viewing trends among Midco customers – as well as what the provider is asking for in a new contract – to determine if renewal makes sense for our customers.

Is my bill affected by programming fees?

Yes. Programming is the number one cost for all video providers, not just Midco. In fact, costs have increased significantly in the US since 2012, according to third-party research firm SNL Kagan. These programming increases far exceed what we pass on in customer bills. We are committed to providing the best entertainment at the best possible value

1 Not all networks are available in all markets, and channels are subject to change. Check your cable TV package subscription and channel availability in My Account.