iGuide On-Screen Messages | Midco Cable TV Support

On-Screen Messages

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Common On-Screen Messages

To Be Announced Message

Your on-screen guide will display “to be announced” if there was a recent power interruption. It can take up to an hour for TV listings to display again. However, you can still watch your programming.

The on-screen TV guide typically displays programming information two to 10 days in advance. The “to be announced” message may appear if you’re looking for programs beyond that timeframe.

Not Authorized Message

Your Midco cable box shows all available channels and programming information, even details for channels that aren’t part of your cable package. The “not authorized” message displays, you’ve tuned into a channel that’s not part of your package. If you’d like to update your services to add more channels, contact us.

Recorded Program in Progress

Sometimes, a DVR recording starts a minute or two after the program has begun. The DVR timer synchronizes with the program guide time. If a network starts the program a minute earlier than the scheduled time, the DVR will miss the first minute. You can program your DVR to start early or end late to prevent this.1

1 Recording function only applies to DVRs, not HD digital receivers or digital receivers.