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On-Screen TV Guide

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On-Screen Guide Tips

This page covers the interactive, on-screen guide for Midco non-TiVo DVRs, as well as HD and standard digital receivers. We cover other TV guides for TiVo® devices and HD digital adapters.

If you're having issues with your on-screen guide, we recommend a reset for your cable equipment.

Choose from the options below to use your interactive guide.

Press the Guide button. This will show a 90-minute view of what is on. The channel you’re watching will appear first in the list.

  • Use the left and right arrow buttons to move ahead and back in the listings.
  • Use the up and down arrows to view other channels.
  • Use Day+ and Day- buttons on your remote to move ahead or back one day at a time.
  • To view program listings by channel, press Guide again while in the guide.
  • To learn more about a program, highlight the program in the guide, and press Info.
  • To select a program to watch, highlight the program, and press OK/SEL.
  • To record a program, highlight the program, and press the red record button.1

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote to access the quick menu.
  2. Select the Search icon (magnifying glass), and then choose Title or Keyword.
  3. Search for programs by entering part or all the title.
    • Use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight letters, and then press OK/SEL. Once you have the title entered, select Search Now.
  4. Search results shown on your screen allowing you to:
    • Go Back: Return to your search.
    • Sort Results: Sort by date or title.
    • Save Search: Keep this search for future use.
    • Auto-Record: Set up an automatic recording.1
    • Start watching a program: Use the arrow buttons to highlight the program title, and press OK/SEL. Then select Watch this channel or program.

  • While in a program listings screen, you can access information by pressing Info on your remote.
  • While you are tuned to a program, press Info once for instant information or twice for complete information.

Information includes program details such as actors, ratings and a brief program synopsis. You can also set reminders, place parental locks, order pay-per-view and see other times the program is airing.

To remove the information screen and return to watching television, press Exit on your remote.

  1. Get to Midco ON Demand content using one of these methods:
    • Press ON Demand on your remote control.
    • Press Menu on your remote to access the quick menu, and then select ON Demand.
    • Tune your TV to channel 1.
  2. When the ON Demand content displays, choose the content category you prefer. It’s organized by free content, new releases, children and more.
  3. Navigate and view program options, which display program summaries, if the show is in HD – and if it’s free or there’s a cost.
  4. Select the program you’d like to watch:
    • If it’s free, select the eye icon to start watching.
    • If there’s a one-time rental fee, select the Buy icon. Confirm the purchase by selecting Buy again. If you have a purchase PIN established, enter your four-digit PIN to complete your purchase. The rental fee will appear on your next Midco statement.

Typically, free rentals are available for 24 hours, and purchased rentals for 48 hours from the time you started watching. Your screen will display the length of the time it’s available.

You can store up to 15 programs at a time in the My Rentals folder under ON Demand – and you can access this folder and watch your rentals from any Midco cable TV box in your home that supports ON Demand content.

Customize the iGuide on your standard DVR (non-TiVo®), digital receiver or HD digital receiver by changing up the colors.

  1. Press Menu on your remote, and then select Main Menu (house icon) in your quick menu.
  2. Select Setup (which may be on the second page).
  3. Choose Guide Colors Setup, and adjust to your preference.

Watch the HD version of a channel – automatically. The Tune to HD feature automatically switches your TV to the available HD channel1 if you select the standard version. (Note: If the channel is not available in HD, your guide will keep you on the standard-definition channel.)

  1. Press Menu on your remote, and then select Main Menu (house icon) in your quick menu.
  2. Choose Setup and then Guide Setup.
  3. Next to Tune to HD, switch the toggle to Yes to enable the setting.

Show Recordings

If you have a Midco DVR (non-TiVo), you have a lot of options for setting up and watching recordings.1

Parental Controls

Learn how to block programs based on ratings and channels – plus hide titles from showing on the on-screen guide.