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Protecting Yourself

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Protecting Yourself From Phone Fraud

While Midco takes steps to prevent fraud, you are responsible to protect yourself. We hope you will use these resources and others to educate and protect yourself from unwanted calls, phone scams and fraudulent charges.

Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing occurs when someone sends false or misleading information to your caller ID in a way that hides the fraudulent caller’s true identity and/or the call’s origination point. Often the caller may describe an urgent matter, such as an account cancellation, in order to persuade you to disclose personal or business information.

What action can you take? Do not provide this information in response to an incoming call you cannot identify. Instead, find the phone number of the company that is supposedly calling you, and call them yourself.

One-Ring Callback

A one-ring callback scam often begins when your caller ID displays what appears to be a missed local call. You return the call to see who was reaching you, but are greeted with a message such as, “Hello, you have reached the operation. Please hold.” The fraudsters are trying to keep you on the line as long as possible on what’s often an international call, usually from a high cost area such as the Caribbean. The longer you stay on the line, the more revenue fraudsters generate through what is known as International Revenue Share Fraud.

What action can you take? If you call back a missed call and are placed on hold in such a manner, hang up immediately.

Additional Resources

There are many other ways fraudsters can attempt to scam your business. For more tips on protecting yourself from phone fraud, visit the Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Protection Library.

Midco’s Information Gathering Policies

It’s important to remember that when you sign up for Midco services, we collect the necessary information about you at that time. We don’t call or email you to ask for personal information. If we ever need to update your account, we send a letter to the address on your account and ask you to contact us. Additionally, Midco handles all of your monthly billing internally. Don’t fall victim to callers saying they are taking over Midco’s billing and need your verification to make changes.