Midcos Fargo Construction 85% Complete

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Midco's Fargo Construction 85% Complete

Fargo, ND: Despite winter weather halting underground construction on Midco’s network infrastructure in Fargo, crews are still working on overhead lines. Their dedication means Midco will activate residential and business services in downtown Fargo in January 2017.

Midco is bringing advanced internet and networking, cable TV and phone services to Fargo as part of a multi-year investment.

“It’s really exciting to see this progress and hear from people in town how they’re happy to have our services,” says Clay Stephens, Midco’s Senior Director of Regional Operations. “So far, with 85 percent of the project complete, we’ve built out more than 2.2 million feet of underground line and turned on 233 power supplies to deliver services to Fargo residents and businesses.”


Construction Milestones

The Fargo construction project is a complex, enormous undertaking, with more than 100 contract labor and utility local workers, including Fargo inspectors, and dozens of others involved in the project.

“We could not have made the progress we’ve made today without the hard work and dedication of each team member and the cooperation of the City of Fargo engineering group,” says Erin Hayes, Director of Corporate Construction for Midco. “A project of this scale could be extremely intrusive. Everyone understanding their role and responsibilities has significantly reduced the impact to Fargo residents.”

Midco has worked diligently to safely locate and work around unmarked gas and power lines – many of which are found in the oldest parts of the city. When the City of Fargo lifts its construction moratorium in spring 2017, Midco will finish building the last 255,000 feet of underground line to deliver Midco services to every residential address and most businesses.

Along the way, crews will continue to work with property owners to secure the necessary easements to build. Midco expects to complete the entire Fargo construction project by Sept. 1, 2017. For updates, go to Midco.com/Fargo.


Delivering Service and Speed

As construction continues, Fargo is closer to having access to internet with speeds up to 35 times the national average. Midco picked the Fargo metro area as the first market to launch Midco Gig services in early 2017 – with plans to expand gigabit internet across the Midco service area.

“From personal devices and TVs to complex business networking services, the Fargo area needs a network that can meet the demands of today and the future – and Midco is delivering that infrastructure,” says Justin Forde, Director of Public Affairs for Midco. “That’s especially important in Fargo, where we’re happy to be a part of the unprecedented growth in this community.”


Community Investment

Work completed so far in Fargo makes up of nearly half of the $50 million Midco has invested in North Dakota capital projects in 2016. But Midco’s investment goes beyond construction. It also includes expansion of the Midco Operations Center in West Fargo and more than 100 new jobs over a five-year period.

Midco has been sharing its progress with neighborhoods and community leaders – and also increasing involvement in local organizations and charitable giving.

“Being a part of the community is important to us. Midco is committed to investing in the communities in which we live and work,” adds Forde.