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eVOICE is an option you can add on to your voicemail, so you can retrieve your voicemail using your phone and email. 

You’ll receive an email informing you of a message, and you can listen to the message as an audio attachment. From the email, you can choose to save or delete the message as well.


  1. Log into the email address you used to sign up for eVOICE.
  2. Locate and open any email message from voicemail@midco.net or non-mail-user@voicemail.midco.net.
  3. Double-click the message’s audio attachment to listen to the voicemail.
    • The audio file is in a Windows media format. If you cannot listen to the attached message, you may need to download a newer version of Microsoft Windows media player. A link to the Microsoft site is available in your eVOICE email message.
    • Make sure the volume on your computer or device is turned up so you can hear the voicemail.
    • Use your audio playback application to fast forward or rewind the voicemail message as needed.

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