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Level Up Your Connection

Game on! Whether you compete, play for fun or live stream, you’ll want a fast, reliable internet connection. One that can support all the action and adventures.

Keep scrolling to read how your internet connection improves your online gaming experience.


Get game-worthy fiber internet.

Computer. Laptop. VR. Console. Mobile. Handheld. Know you have the bandwidth to play in real time – without any lag or latency – thanks to fast, reliable and consistent upload and download speeds. 




Level up your connection.

You can have the latest gaming system or the sickest PC, but it doesn’t matter if your internet connection is lacking. Avoid glitching and improve your streaming with Midco internet.

Whether you're into MMORPG, shooter, sports or MOBAs you need an internet connection you can count on.

Fast. Reliable. Powerful. Think of your Midco connection as the best weapon in your gaming arsenal. Every split second counts.

There’s no time for game over. A Midco connection can help reduce the stats that slow you down, including:

  • Ping: The time between a signal sent from one computer to another.
  • Latency: The reaction speed of your internet connection – as in how long it takes for an action to travel from your device to the server.
  • Lag: The time it takes from you pressing the button to seeing the responding action on the screen. (Or, as we call it, the diference between fun and frustrating.)
  • Jitter: The level of latency inconsistency over a network.

If your gaming chair is well broken in, we recommend a 1 gigabit per second (gbps) download speed (or higher) to keep your game at peak performance.

Can’t aford 1 Gig?

We get it. Budget can be tricky. There are some good alternative speeds, depending on your gaming needs.

Optimize! Your connectivity can also depend on your device age and type, as well as a wired or wireless connection.

(Hint: Wired connectivity will be more stable with less interference.)

The Endgame

Fiber is fast. Like, really fast – it’s the most advanced broadband option available today, and it’s only going to power more connections in the future.

But if you can’t get fiber now, fear not! Midco is improving your connection, whether you get fiber directly to your home or not.

The stability our fiber network upgrades ensures an unparalleled experience.

Because while we can’t improve your KD ratio, we can future-proof your internet connection – so you can build the XP you need, reliably – for years to come.