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Distinctive Ring

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Distinctive Ring

Do you want to know who’s calling – just by a special ring tone? Distinctive ringing lets you lets you set unique ring tones for up to 10 specific numbers.

  • Select up to 10 different numbers that you’d like to have a custom ring or call waiting tone if you’re on another line.
  • This feature can be added for the most recent phone number that has called you.

To activate distinctive ring:

  1. Lift your handset, and press *61. The recording will inform you how many numbers you currently have stored in your distinctive ring list.
  2. Press 3, and follow the voice instructions.
  3. Program numbers for your distinctive ring list.
    • To add the last caller to your list, press 01#.
    • To add a new number, enter the phone number and then #.
    • To remove a number, enter the phone number to remove, and press *.
    • To remove all entries, enter 08, and then press *.
    • To hear a list of phone numbers on your list, press 1.

To deactivate distinctive ring:

  1. Lift your handset, and press *81.
  2. Follow the voice instructions.

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