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Midco Security Practices

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Protecting Customers Online

Midco® does not monitor your activities online.

  • We do not block, control, modify or inhibit any application-specific traffic.
  • We do not monitor specific customer activities on the internet, like web page views or content downloads.
  • Learn more about how we believe in an open internet.

To protect our customers, we monitor overall network activity to detect and prevent possible security breaches and respond appropriately – including and up to suspending or terminating accounts of any customers responsible for such breaches.

Midco legal policies apply to use of our services.

Occasionally, bad actors will pose as Midco to trick customers into downloading malicious software or scaring them into sending money.

As you interact with Midco through email, phone calls or social media, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • We will NEVER give out your PIN.
  • We will NEVER ask you for account information over email.
  • While we occasionally run giveaways through social media, we will NEVER ask for payment for you to receive the prize.
  • We will NEVER ask for gift cards as payment or for payment using a payment service app.
  • If you receive a communication stating you owe money, you can always check your last statement at via your My Account.
  • We will only call for payment if your account is overdue.
  • If you receive an email that looks like it’s from Midco asking for account or personal information, contact us immediately.

Midco protects its customers by using specific security measures.

  • All incoming email to Midco-hosted email servers is scanned for spam or viruses. If spam email or a virus is detected, the email message is automatically deleted.1
  • Outgoing email from Midco-hosted email is scanned for viruses and deleted if a virus is found.1
  • Midco has specific password requirements for customer email accounts and customer online account management (My Account).
  • Access to customer information by employees is limited (to protect our customer’s privacy).
  • Midco maintains secure servers for customer information and email accounts.

Midco monitors network activity to determine if there have been any security breaches and addresses any attempts to breach customer information or security based on the nature of the attempt. Depending on the circumstances, responses may include (but is not limited to):

  • Suspending or terminating customer accounts
  • Disciplining involved employee(s)
  • Blocking access to customer account(s) until security is re-established

While everyone enjoys the entertainment you can find online, you are responsible for the proper use of your internet service. Unauthorized downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials (like movies, books, music, etc.) is a crime – and can easily introduce viruses and other malware to your computer.

This activity can be traced to you, and copyright holders can file civil suits seeking significant financial penalties. Be sure everyone in your household realizes the potential penalties that may result from copyright infringement. For more, review Midco’s Internet Subscriber Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.

Midco takes thorough measures to keep our network secure by mitigating potential distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) threats as early as possible. This protection transfers to our customers, providing a free basic level of defense to everyone using our internet.

What is a DDoS attack?

When a DDoS attack occurs, a malicious third party attempts to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

When does this apply to me?

If you’re gaming online or accessing sensitive work documents at home, it’s important to be protected from DDoS attacks, since the attack can cause a service disruption or be combined with other attacks to lead to data theft.

DDoS protection does not prevent all types of online scamming. We recommend that you also follow other internet safety tips to keep your information safe. 

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1 These security measures only apply to Midco email accounts. Customers can disable some email security measures if they choose in My Account.